What's New at LP&G


When the fine folks at Wellspring Financial Partners wanted to elevate their brand, clarify their message, and let the world know who they are, we rolled up our proverbial sleeves and got to work. A redesigned and restructured website is the first iteration of their new look and voice, followed by new digital, print and radio advertising.


After years of helping the department change people's behaviors and attitudes about recycling, we were asked to help with a persistent problem: contaminants in the City's blue barrels. We created an education campaign that clarifies exactly what is, and in this case more importantly, what is not recyclable. The campaign lives on TV, bus shelters, truck signage and social and digital media.


With successful operations in Tucson, Yuma and Phoenix, HDS Truck Driving School was ready for a larger footprint. The perfect opportunity came from Fort Bliss Army Post in El Paso, Texas. LP&G was hired to help sell an on-site school to the U.S. Army, where soldiers ready to leave military life can begin a new career in commercial truck driving. The school is set to launch in January and is being promoted through combination of on-Post advertising, outdoor, collateral, special event materials and a site-specific website.


As Arizonans, we love water more than most. But of course too much of a good thing can be dangerous-just ask Augustus Gloop. The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs asked us to create a public service campaign to heighten awareness of flood risk, and encourage flood preparedness. Light-hearted TV and social media balanced the more serious and straightforward outdoor and radio messages. A landing page made the case for preparedness and provided access to important resources.


"I almost saved a baby from a burning truck except there was no baby." Drew
"I had a bunny. His name was thumper. He was an asshole." Charisse
"Is anyone else afraid of jellybeans or is it just me?" Leslie


Stop by any time to see our (relatively) new space and marvel at all the natural light, admire our twisted yolk yellow wall, and if you're lucky, meet Winston. 2552 N. Alvernon Way.

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