• Branded merchandise / Collateral
  • Event takeaway / Collateral
  • Product packaging / Collateral
  • Product packaging / Collateral
  • Event banners / Direct
  • Sampling at target athletic event / Direct
  • Vehicle wrap / Outdoor
  • Sports publication ad / Print
  • Product website / Web / Interactive
  • Web banner ad / Web / Interactive
  • Web page featuring sponsored athletes / Web / Interactive


Two athletic-minded cardiologists founded this start-up with the aim of creating a healthier, more effective endurance sports drink. We created their brand from the ground up, including national research to inform naming and target market.


  • Branded merchandise
  • Event takeaway
  • Product packaging
  • Product packaging


  • Event banners
  • Sampling at target athletic event


  • Vehicle wrap


  • Sports publication ad

Web / Interactive

  • Product website
  • Web banner ad
  • Web page featuring sponsored athletes


"LP&G helped take my company from an idea to a real product. Their package design, website creation, PR savvy and marketing counsel have been top notch. I continue to be impressed with the way they understand the niche market that XOOD serves - it's a tight group of athletes who are both passionate and particular. LP&G has been brilliant in creating ways to attract their attention." Sal Tirrito, MD, President and CEO, Heartwise Fitness & Nutrition

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