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  • Product packaging / Collateral
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Xood - Product Launch

HeartWise Fitness & Nutrition, a start-up run by two athletic-minded cardiologists, came to us with a new, powdered natural endurance drink geared to the serious endurance athlete. They asked us to create a brand from scratch and bring the product to a crowded market. We conducted national research to assist with naming, refining our target markets, determining key product attributes, and developing message content and tone. We gathered an advisory board of key athletes and category product experts to help guide the process.

While most category marketing is focused on performance-enhancing attributes, we chose to focus the brand around its all-natural ingredients and what it didn't have (anything artificial) - a key differentiation in this market. LP&G created a brand name, brand voice, and visual library. With that, XOOD Natural Healthy Endurance Drink was born.

We designed dynamic packaging and built an e-commerce site to sell the products. And we created an integrated marketing plan launched during race season to maximize awareness at these high-value venues. We assembled teams of athletes and outfitted them in XOOD gear at XOOD-sponsored events and pushed national public relations in niche publications.



  • Branded merchandise
  • Event takeaway
  • Product packaging
  • Product packaging


  • Event banners
  • Sampling at target athletic event


  • Vehicle wrap


  • Sports publication ad

Web / Interactive

  • Product website
  • Web banner ad
  • Web page featuring sponsored athletes


"LP&G helped take my company from an idea to a real product. Their package design, website creation, PR savvy and marketing counsel have been top notch. I continue to be impressed with the way they understand the niche market that XOOD serves - it's a tight group of athletes who are both passionate and particular. LP&G has been brilliant in creating ways to attract their attention." Sal Tirrito, MD, President and CEO, Heartwise Fitness & Nutrition

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