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  • Seasonal promotion website, Valentine's Day / Web / Interactive

Nextrio - Alternative Media

Nextrio is an IT business that supports small to mid-sized companies with technical expertise and networking know-how. They build, fix, troubleshoot, maintain or overhaul any system of computers in virtually any office environment.

Nextrio wanted to differentiate themselves from the crowded marketplace and solidify their existing relationships. They also wanted to make their customers smile. We learned, through one-on-one client interviews, that what keeps clients loyal to Nextrio (aside from their obvious IT genius) is their friendly nature and irreverent style. So it made perfect sense for us to demonstrate how savvy, fun and approachable they are with an out-of-the-box alternative media campaign.

LP&G developed two microsites - IT Horror Story and IT Love Story - to make people laugh and give them something fun to pass along to their friends. To extend the reach beyond existing clients, we crafted a word-of-mouth campaign, using the social media as our mouthpiece and guerrilla marketing to get attention.

The IT Horror Story site launched one week before Halloween and asked people to post personal IT catastrophe stories for a contest. Other fun features are "Horrorscopes", Little Server Room of Horrors, and "Scream" gallery (recorded by Nextrio techs). To drive more traffic to the site, LP&G created a giant 30-foot sculpted severed foot with a toe tag, wrapped with Nextrio/ITHorrorStory.com branding, and drove it around town on a flatbed truck. It turned many heads and got a ton of press. A few years later we "executed" a similar stunt in which a Zombie IT nerd wheeled a coffin of dead computer parts around the business districts of Tucson.

ITLoveStory.com debuted around Valentine's Day and featured dating site-style profiles of the Nextrio techs encouraging clients to vote for their favorite "date" (later, this evolved into a virtual kissing booth - ooh la la!).

The sites and guerrilla tactics did their job. In fact, the concepts were so popular and powerful that both promotions are revived annually. Nextrio gets tons of visitors to both sites and lots of customer feedback calls. Participation through Facebook quadrupled in one year. Yep, happy ending.

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  • Seasonal promotion guerrilla marketing, Halloween


Web / Interactive

  • Seasonal promotion interactive fulfillment piece, Valentine's Day
  • Seasonal promotion website, Halloween
  • Seasonal promotion website, Valentine's Day
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