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City of Tucson Environmental Services - Recycling

Originally launched in late 2008, LP&G based the City of Tucson's Do More Blue campaign on municipal user-data and garbology reports indicating good initial residential usage of blue barrels, but a lack of increase in the overall volume and type of recyclables. The objective: Show residents all the kinds of items they can recycle (beyond aluminum cans and water bottles) and simply ask that they try to "do more".

The resulting "Do More Blue" campaign featured the straightforward, action-oriented headline as a clean type treatment punctuated with the iconic blue recycling barrel. The messaging acknowledged residents for their positive response to recycling, but showed that with so many items that can go in their blue barrel, they should consider what they might be missing.
LP&G laid out a detailed plan that included TV, radio, web, print, posters, neighborhood meetings, social media, events and public relations, with LP&G negotiating all media gratis.
Print, radio and TV ads ran free of charge well into Q1 2009, with Cox/Comcast alone running the 15-second TV spot nearly 5,500 times in November and December 2008.

The campaign has grown and changed over the last several years, expanding when new recyclable materials are added: "Do EVEN More Blue" and then "See What's New with Do More Blue" was developed to promote Tucson's new recycling plant.

What began as an awareness campaign has become almost a brand for City of Tucson's recycling services. The City's pride in the success of the campaign led them to turn it over, virtually free of charge, to Town of Queen Creek to implement when they initiated their own blue barrel program. Most recently, Do More Blue found its way to Florida where the City of Clearwater has adopted it for its new single-stream recycling program. Guess you can say this recycling campaign is being, well, recycled!

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  • Magnet and poster
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