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Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse - PSA Campaign

Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse was created when two well established Southern Arizona women's shelters merged. The Center asked us to raise awareness of the new name and entity, their value to the community, and awareness for the problem of domestic abuse. They had a very, very small budget and the added challenge that many donors feel women in abusive situations are themselves at fault. We were up for the challenge.

After reviewing their situation, the facts and statistics, we offered two topline recommendations:
• To combat the perception that women are at fault, highlight the plight of children who become victims too
• Video would be the strongest medium to articulate the emotionally charged message necessary to motivate potential donors

With the cooperation and appropriate permissions of the Center and local emergency officials, LP&G obtained the recording of a 911 call made by a young girl caught in a domestic violence incident. We produced very inexpensively a 30-second video that paired edits from the 911 call with simple visuals to set the scene for the heart-wrenching audio.

The spot, shown at Emerge's annual luncheon and posted on their website, was credited with inspiring considerable attention and increased donations. When a donor offered to fund a small media buy to enable the spot to run on local TV, LP&G stepped in to maximize the buy through partnering with a local broadcast media group.

Not only did the partnership serve to stretch the client's two-week TV budget into 3 months of TV and radio, the partner also sponsored and promoted a fundraising event. "Stuff the Bus" asked listeners to bring needed items and cash to the event location to stuff a re-purposed school bus for Emerge!

In the end Emerge! reported receiving over $10k in donated items and cash from the bus event alone and garnered valuable community awareness.



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"'Every 67 Seconds' is such a powerful spot and placing it in the variety of ways that you recommended certainly made an impact. This is SO great! We are so proud to work with you." Sarah Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse

"To this day, we still have donors and community members commenting on a campaign we did years ago [Every 67- Seconds], and how effective and moving it was — and still is." Anna Stevens-Denae, Director of Operations and Public Policy

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