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  • Transit advertising, Chicago / Outdoor
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Visit Tucson (formerly MTCVB) - National Campaign

The MTCVB's mission is to bring visitors to Tucson. We were asked to tap into key markets to increase website visitation, which translates into increased bookings. We learned through extensive database analysis that two of the key feeder markets are Chicago and Seattle. So we crafted multi-layered media strategies utilizing traditional and online media, devised a unique guerrilla campaign and wrapped it all in enticing, relevant creative.

We bought local cable on the Travel Channel during the coldest winter months, sponsored area weather programming and slotted our message online so that when people in our target markets visited weather.com, Tucson's "Warm Up" message was served. We bought drive-time radio and posted transit ads on key target commute routes. We also deployed street teams at busy downtown street corners to distribute custom-packaged hand warmers to grateful pedestrians. A 25-foot RV wrapped with beautiful Tucson graphics was parked at pre-game tailgate parties for a Bears home game and Seahawks home game. Fans could stop by for a margarita, warm up under the heat lamps, try for a hole-in-one at our mini golf course and register to win a luxe trip to Tucson.

Awareness and ROI research done in Seattle and Chicago showed an impressive impact per household as a result of this campaign. Compared to the average media awareness cost per household of 50 cents, this campaign cost just 22 cents per household.

The high awareness and strong creative translated into approximately 24,800 extra trips from Chicago and Seattle, or an economic impact for Tucson of $26.4 million, directly attributed to this campaign. Every one dollar spent gained a return of $82. Research on future travel plans indicated this amount might have gone as high as $341 per dollar invested.

See more samples of the work we developed for the MTCVB.



  • Transit advertising, Chicago
  • Transit advertising, Chicago


  • Magazine ad campaign, full page
  • Magazine ad, two-page spread


  • Promotional video

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  • Video web banner, geo-targeted


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"LP&G's past work for us delivered impressive results — in fact, the first time I looked at the ROI on our 2006-2007 regional campaign, I couldn't believe the numbers were true. Their spirit of partnership was apparent in all campaigns." Rick Vaughan, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, MTCVB

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