• Multiple award-winning creative genius.
  • Our collective remedy for the numbing grind of the work week.
  • Husband, father, brother, teammate, and best friend.


David Earl Wahl,

Our solid rock of talent, our bottomless fountain of knowledge, you have left an indelible mark at LP&G.

We so miss you. We miss the things you knew how to do exceptionally well, spoiled as we were by your ability to wordsmith and your breadth of knowledge. And we miss the things you made up for your own amusement. You not only helped us build a business, you helped us raise our children, cook our dinners, mix our cocktails and keep our heads from overheating. Being in the ad game with you…sheer joy!

Dave, our voice of reason on worldly matters, you will always be a giant part of LP&G. You combined your talent in writing with humor, compassion and warmth. You made us laugh daily. I like to see you that way when I think of you.

Just for kicks, here are some of your favorite things. And I am not sure you're not reading this somehow, so please forgive anything that makes you cringe.

We love you ~
Leslie and your entire LP&G Family.
All of us, no matter where, no matter what...

Dave began his career in broadcasting and advertising in Ponca City at WBBZ radio. He continued at KFDI in Wichita, Kansas, where he was on-air talent, writer and producer. After moving to Tucson in 1994, David found his true professional home in 1995 at LP&G as a writer, broadcast producer and IT manager. His work earned countless industry awards, including two Emmys.

An avid collector of knowledge with an outrageous sense of humor, David was a modern Renaissance man. He could build a computer from spare parts, cook a gourmet feast, and fix just about anything, human or otherwise.

Our favorite of Dave's –ism's

“I feel like a dog in a little girl's bedroom.”
“It was like I was smacked in the ass with a rainbow.”
“I wasn't questioning your grammar, I was questioning your ethics.”
“I'm not mad. I'm just amused in a perturbed sort of way.”
Colleen: “A covey of quail, a pod of whales…” Dave: “A bucket of chicken…”
“It's like giving someone John Wayne toilet paper.”
“You have to get in touch with your bad elf.”
“If you were a cat you could make a lot of sausage.”
“When I'm 65 I guess I'd like to drop acid and ride escalators.”
“Sometimes it just comes naturally. Sometimes that natural feeling's wrong.”
“And that's why NAKED is more fun than NUDE.”

His favorite letter: K

His favorite meal: potlucks

His favorite work:
Old Tucson Studios outdoor series
Desert Diamond Casino bathing beauties TV
Feliz Naughty Dog holiday card


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