LP&G is an ad agency. And a communications firm. We're the ones who make you look like a rock star to your boss, and your customers. At our core, we're a collection of smart thinkers and gifted designers.

Many agencies cloister their methodology and package their process for a predetermined fee. That's not us. Because we're ego-free and work in total transparency, we bring to the table a rare level of honesty and character. We listen to our clients to fully understand where their "pain" is, and then we devise tactics based on what's best for each project. We never, ever apply a one-size-fits-all strategy. Plus, we're a steady, respectful group, which translates to seamless service and a refreshing lack of drama.


The road map to every type of communication we create begins with a deep dive. Because we place a big emphasis on strategic development, we take advantage of a wide range of psychographics, demographics and consumer attitudes to define the target and shape our creative product. Astute market research, account planning, creative and media planning all require upfront strategic thinking. And that's exactly what we bring. This is the best way to ensure your budget is being used in the most effective manner.


With countless brand "touch points," everything associated with your company is a branding opportunity. Logos are vitally important, but are just one component of a strong brand. We offer a wide array of services dedicated to extending your brand and are always focused on how to articulate your brand story, ensure that your graphics and communication tools match your corporate soul and find ways to boost the power of your offer. If your brand is tired, we can refresh it. If your brand is confusing to the market, we will help clarify it. And if your brand is well established, we'll accelerate it.

Advertising & DesignADVERTISING & DESIGN

Our creative department operates as a catalyst for your success. From print to broadcast, logo design and presentations to annual reports and an amazing amount of everything in between, our visual thinkers take a well-defined strategy and make it come to life. It's rather astonishing. The end result is always smart, elegant and high ROI-inducing.


We love the convergent, highly flexible, ever-expanding digital space. Our experts are skilled at developing user-friendly site architecture to maximize UX, assuring your digital communications run effectively. If you need a full-blown site, some SEO tweaks or you’re curious about developing a social strategy, LP&G speaks fluent 10011100101011.

Public Relations & Social MediaMEDIA

Whether it's analog or digital, we have a deep understanding of how to leverage our contacts for maximum ROI. With paid media being a solid driver of your revenue, non-paid PR and social media can shape narrative and shift consumer attitudes. And layering a social strategy and digital retargeting affords a critical one-to-one conversation with your consumers through various channels like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (this list goes on and on). Our plans are well thought out, comprehensive and detailed.  


By its very nature, alternative marketing (a.k.a guerilla) is meant to be intrusive and disruptive. And we couldn’t be happier to supply it. This is the out-of-the-cube stuff that gets noticed and goes all out in its approach. We reach beyond traditional media’s tactics to capture top-of-mind awareness with unique and startling methods. Taking it to the street is powerful, and there are a million ways to do it.

Kitchen ThinkKitchenThink

KitchenThink is our idea machine. We take your communication or marketing challenge and surround it with great minds and robust idea people. Typically we invite our clients to take part in these sessions too. The result? A boatload of ideas for you to act on, plan from or tuck away for later. These sessions are custom designed per client and individual project, so no two are ever alike.

"Take your pants off."